MiCAS Middleware for Context-aware and Adaptive Systems






Pilot Application





The adaptive focus of Micas project relied in ad-hoc networks as a testbed to evaluate adaptation aspects. For that purpose a communication API and a routing protocol were developed. Both are used by a multi-user chat application.

The chat application is multi-user, allowing users to send messages to all the other users in the group or to a single user. The application presents two graphical interfaces. One lightweigh, without colors, and a heavier one with different colors for each user. The application maintains a group with the users, that can be at range to send messages, or off range. In the later scenario, if the multi-hop routing protocol is used, then all users in the group are at range, unless a partition in the group happens, becoming off range.

The adaptation possibilities are several. First, it is possible to choose between the lightweight or heavyweight GUI. This allows to adapt to different device capabilities. In our tests, the heavyweight GUI proved to be too much for some pdas. Second, it is possible to choose using or not the routing mechanism. If using the routing mechanism, more messages will be sent, therefore, more energy will be spent. If the devices are close range the routing mechanism is not necessary and energy can be saved.